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What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Operating for more than 70 years, Dual Temp Aluminum has succeeded in providing high-quality services in the form of fine workmanship, accessories, and home makeover services. Our team consists of experienced workmen who aim to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

Pleased with the Results


"The young installer “Lee” who performed the installation of the retractable screen on the front door of our home last Friday (03/31/2023) did a wonderful job.  He was polite, professional, knowledgeable, courteous and represents your company and products exceptionally well.  He cleaned up all materials and packaging so other than the installation I did not know he’d even been there.


Once I have the painting completed, I will contact you and schedule installation.  Hopefully I’m fortunate enough to have the same person install the second retractable screen door.


Thank you very much again for everything."

                                                               - Michael F

“We are so excited and pleased with the results of the fine work that was done on our home! We will have many years of pulling in the driveway and going AHH!! Thanks for helping us update our home and giving us professional help and expert craftsmanship!! Many thanks to all!”

-Bill and Bonnie G.

House before our work


House and garden after our work


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